Summer Seminar

BertRusselSemThe Obermann Summer Seminar is an opportunity for UI faculty members to lead a major collaborative project with a dozen or more visiting participants that will result in some form of publication or public work. The outcome should make a significant contribution to the fields of the participants, whether as a print or digital publication or in another form that promises real impact. (Note: This program is currently on hiatus for budgetary reasons.)

The 2017 Summer Seminar, Bertrand Russel’s The Philosophy of Logical Atomism: A Centenary Celebration, was co-directed by Gregory Landini (Philosophy, CLAS) and Landon Elkind (Philosophy, CLAS). The two are currently co-editing a publication of essays on logical atomism originally written for the seminar. The essays have since been revised and expanded and will appear under the title The Philosophy of Logical Atomism: A Centenary Reappraisal.

The event featured 18 scholars from across North America and Europe:

  • Erik C. Banks (Wright State University)
  • Landon D.C. Elkind (University of Iowa, Co-director)
  • Richard Fumerton (University of Iowa)
  • Sebastien Gandon (Blaise Pascal University)
  • Pieranna Garavaso (University of Minnesota–Morris)
  • Andrew Irvine (University of British Columbia)
  • Kevin C. Klement (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)
  • Gülberk Koç Maclean (Mount Royal University)
  • Anssi Korhonen (University of Helsinki)
  • Gregory Landini (University of Iowa, Co-director)
  • James Levine (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Bernard Linsky (University of Alberta)
  • David Charles McCarty (Indiana University)
  • Francesco Orilia (University of Macerata)
  • Katarina Perovic (University of Iowa)
  • Peter M. Simons (Trinity College Dublin)
  • David G. Stern (University of Iowa)
  • Russell Wahl (Idaho State University)