Obermann Conversations

120417-#Activism-KG19 (1).jpgObermann Conversations bring UI scholars into informal dialogue with both a public partner and a wide audience, allowing us to respond to current events and provide an avenue for scholars to share relevant work.

This year, we hosted nine Obermann Conversations, three of which were “pop-up” conversations we quickly organized in response to events that provoked public dialogue. They took place at the Iowa City Public Library, MERGE, RADinc., and outdoors on the Pentacrest. Audiences ranged from undergraduate students to retired community members and represented a wonderful mix of interests. 

9/19/17: Your Brain on Trees
Andy Dahl, UI arborist; Naomi Greyser, English, GWSS (CLAS); Kristin Bergman, Taproot

10/4/17:  Maria in Context: Puerto Rico, Colonialism, and the U.S. Response
Alberto Ortiz Diaz, visiting scholar, History; Darrel Wanzer-Serrano, Communication Studies (CLAS); Mariola Espinosa, Public Health

10/18/17: Algorithms: The Personal Is Political
Tim Havens, Communication Studies (CLAS); M. Zubair Shafiq, Computer Studies (CLAS); Aleksey Gurtovoy, independent journalist and developer

11/14/17: Collective ActionDSC_0005.jpg
Jennifer Kayle, Dance; Ali Hasan, Philosophy; Peter Rolnick, community environmental activist 

12/4/17: #Hashtag Activism: Fast. Fierce. Effective?
Lisa Covington, Sociology (CLAS); Melissa Tully, Journalism & Mass Communication (CLAS); Raven Maragh, Communication Studies (CLAS); Lucy Polyak, West High School

2/6/18: Unraveling & Mending: Art as Political Witness
Amir ElSaffar, visiting Hancher performer; Lisa Schlesinger, Theatre Arts (CLAS)

3/6/18: So Long, Cursive!
Lisa Roberts, Iowa Youth Writing Project; Shawn Datchuk, College of Education; Cheryl Jacobsen, Center for the Book and independent artist

4/19/18: Global Citizenship
Alisa Meggitt, North Central Jr. High School; Jason Harshman, College of Education; Caleb Elfenbein, Grinnell College

4/26/18: Controlling Research: Gun Control, Public Health, and Restraints on Research
Mark Berg, Sociology (CLAS) and Public Policy Center; Carletta Knox-Seymour, Cedar Rapids-based community activist; Corinne Peek-Asa, College of Public Health