Publications & Major Works

ShowingOffcoverThe following publications completed with assistance from Obermann programming were reported in the last year:

  • Curtius, Anny.  “Unshackling the Ocean: Screening Affect and Memory in Guy Deslauriers’s Passage du Milieu~The Middle Passage. Celluloid Chains: Slavery in the Americas through Film. Rudyard J. Alcocer, Kristen Block, & Dawn Duke (eds). Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2018, pp. 121-146.
  • Greteman, Blaine; Lee, James; Lee, Jason; Eichmann, David (2018). “Linked Reading: Digital Historicism and Early Modern Discourses of Race around Shakespeare’s Othello.” Journal of Cultural Analytics (1/25/18).
  • Kowal, Rebekah; Siegmund, Gerald; Martin, Randy, eds. (2017). The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics, Oxford University Press.
  • Lillios, Katina (forthcoming 2019). Archaeology of the Iberian Peninsula: From the Paleolithic through the Bronze Age, Cambridge University Press.
  • Marra, Kim; Frederik, Laurie; Schuler, Catherine, eds. (2017). Showing Off, Showing Up: Studies of Hype, Heightened Performance, and Cultural Power, University of Michigan Press.
  • Ogren, Christine (2017). “Complexities of Efficiency Reform: The Case of Simplified Spelling, 1876–1921.” History of Education Quarterly 57(3): 333–368.
  • Salomon, Frank (2018). At the Mountains’ Altar: Anthropology of Religion in an Andean Community, Routledge.
  • Schuh, Kathy (2017). Making Meaning by Making Connections, Springer Science+Business Media.image_mini
  • Stern, David (forthcoming 2018). Wittgenstein in the 1930s: Between the Tractatus and the Investigations, Cambridge University Press.
  • Ungar, Steven (2018). Critical Mass: Social Documentary in France from the Silent Era to the New Wave, University of Minnesota Press.
  • Whaley, Deborah (2018). “Neo-Passing and Dissociative Identities as Affective Strategies in Frankie and Alice,” Neo-Passing: Performing Identity after Jim Crow. Mollie Godfrey and Vershawn Ashanti Young, eds. Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois Press.
  • Wilson Kimber, Marian (2017). The Elocutionists: Women, Music, and the Spoken Word (Music in American Life), University of Illinois Press.